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NMR platform presentation

Leader : Sophie ZINN-JUSTIN

Liquid-state NMR applied to biological molecules: high field (600 & 700 MHz) NMR spectrometers equipped with 1H, 15N and 13C TCI cryoprobes, funded by the FRISBI national infrastructure for integrated structural biology.

NMR spectroscopy provides invaluable insights into the structural and dynamical features of biomolecular systems. It is particularly well suited to analyze multiple functional states, internal flexibility and interaction processes involving proteins at an atomic scale.

Main application field: structure, dynamics and interactions of biomolecular systems.


Two spectrometers 600MHz and 700MHz Bruker Avance III, equipped with TCI(1H,13C, 15N,2H) 5mm, z-gradients cryoprobes


Protein structure, interaction, dynamics, nuclear envelope, chromatin, phage, self-assembly, modeling, inhibition, genetic disease.

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