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3D_CHROME: 3D CHRomosome Organization: from single Molecule to Evolution

Coordinator: Mireille Bétermier (I2BC)

The 3D_CHROME interdisciplinary research initiative brings together a community of 48 groups of experimental biologists, bioinformaticians, physicists, and mathematicians from 14 different Paris-Saclay institutes, supported by cutting-edge imaging and sequencing platforms. Building on the expertise of 3D_CHROME teams in the study of a wide array of model organisms from all kingdoms of life, our objective is to set up a multidisciplinary research and training network with a core scientific focus on the three-dimensional organization of genomes, which has emerged as a major player in controlling chromosome dynamics and biological processes in living cells. For the I2BC, nineteen research groups and two platforms actively participate in the network.

The main scientific aims of 3D_CHROME are to:
(i) develop innovative microscopy techniques to image chromosomes and chromatin in live cells and analyze the complex molecular machineries that act on DNA.
(ii) develop original high-throughput genomics tools to unravel single-cell genome assemblies and 3D interactomes.
(iii) stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations to study the dynamics of 3D genome organization during biological processes and identify the determinants of spatio-temporal genome organization using both experimental and theoretical modeling strategies.
(iv) examine the reciprocal impact of 3D genome organization on genome evolution.

3D_CHROME was awarded the Paris-Saclay label in October 2016. Thanks to financial support from the Department of Life Sciences, LABEX PALM, LABEX SPS and the contribution of I2BC imaging and sequencing platforms, three workshops will be held in 2017.

- Multiscale imaging of cells and molecular structures (Sept 18-19, 2017)
The aim of the workshop is to share our expertise on cutting-edge approaches to image cells and molecules, from live cell imaging to high-resolution structural analyses. The workshop will include short talks from 3D_CHROME teams, three roundtables focused on practical technological aspects, one poster session and keynotes from two invited speakers.
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- Modelling of 3D genome structure - Integrating genomics and microscopy data (Oct 2-3, 2017):
The workshop will be focused on the modelling of 3D genome / nuclear organization, with talks given by seven or eight invited speakers either having a background in experimental biology or physical modelling of data.
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- Recent Developments with Nanopore Sequencing (Oct 9-10, 2017)
The workshop will focus on Nanopore sequencing. Talks will be given by external invited speakers and 3D_CHROME members.
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