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Cytoskeleton Club

Welcome on the I2BC Cytoskeleton Club webpage !
Cytoskeleton Club aims at gathering the I2BC cytoskeleton community in order to meet, present informal talks and exchange ideas and knowledge.
This is not a private club. Talks are open to everyone, so come along !
Cytoskeletal Club meets once a month, every second Tuesday morning at 11:30 am in the library of Building 34.

Next meeting : Tuesday March 13, 11:30 am, Bd 34 Library !
Anne-Marie Pret - SIGDEV : Title to follow

Save the dates for the next meetings : 10-apr-2018, 15-may-2018*, 12-june-2018 and 10-july-2018 (download the ics file here or have a look at the I2BC agenda here).
Rules :

  1. The speaker (PIs, Post-doc, PhD, master student, Engineers) prepares a 30 minute presentation in english. Please also include your negative, unexplained, puzzling, preliminary findings and current troubles and how you solved problems that you reported last time so that everybody can give feedback and learn from each other.
  2. Disruption of the speaker with questions/suggestions from the audience (other than PIs) is positively encouraged. PIs are only allowed to ask questions after the talk and after the first question has been asked by a student or postdoc.
  3. Take part actively : Ask when you don’t understand something. Ask if you don’t know how an experiment was done. Ask what it means. You don’t need to have a PhD to ask questions.
  4. Cytoskeleton Club is like Fight Club... please don’t talk to outsiders about unpublished results that you see at these meetings.
  5. At the end of each meeting, the next speaker will be identified.

Club managers : Julie Ménétrey and Christophe Le Clainche
Members (up so far) :
Benoît Gigant and Julie Ménétrey lab - MIKICA
Christophe Le Clainche and Louis Renault lab - ACTIN
Anne-Marie Tassin lab - BIOCIL
Béatrice Satiat-Jeunemaître lab - PHOT
Anne-Marie Pret lab - SIGDEV
Francesca Giordano lab - COAST
Audrey Esclatine lab - HERPES

Subscription to the club / Mailing list :
To receive regular reminders, or modifications, or to ask questions, it is better to subscribe to the "CytoskeletonClub" mailing-list. In exchange for this registration, you will be called to assure one of the presentations of the Cytoskeleton Club. Please contact Julie Ménétrey or Christophe Le Clainche.
Flyer :

Previous Cytoskeleton Club Seminars :
- 13/02/2018 : Louis Renault - ACTIN - How ExoY-Like bacterial nucleotidyl cyclase toxins from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Vibrio nigripulchritudo are activated in host cells ?
- 9/01/2018 : Audrey Esclatine - HERPES - A protein of Epstein-Barr-Virus perturbs mitochondrial dynamics by promoting mitochondrial fission followed by mitophagy
- 12/12/2017 : Anne-Marie Tassin and Delphine Gogendeau - BIOCIL - Down-regulation of different transition zone proteins in Paramecium induces antagonistic effects on cilia stability
- 14/11/2017 : Julie Ménétrey - MIKICA - How kinesin motors recruit their cargos for MT-based transport : a structural point of view
- 12/09/2017 : Christophe Le Clainche - ACTIN - Understanding cellular force response through the in vitro reconstitution of mechanosensitive protein machineries

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