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Crystallization Platform presentation

The crystallization platform is equipped with nano-volume pipetting and visualization robots which allows large scale screening of crystallization conditions. This significantly facilitates obtaining crystals that diffract to structure determination by X-ray diffraction.
The platform is IBiSA labeled (Biology Health and Agronomy Infrastructures). It has the support of the "French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology" (FRISBI). Know-how and technology are open to the entire scientific community, both regionally and nationally, and are accessible to local teams and external scientifics.

Crystallization platform allows for screening, analysis and automated optimization of crystallization conditions for macromolecules. It offers including access self-service robots crystallization and visualization of crystals, provides its users crystallization kits ready and can deliver projects crystallization and crystallography in collaboration. The platform hosts meetings with users, who are used to identify new approaches to develop, for example to characterize samples or automated optimization procedures. She hosts and organizes training crystallization.
The proximity of the synchrotron Soleil is also a great asset for protein crystallography. The synchrotron is a prerequisite for the characterization of new crystal unit (salt crystals or macromolecules and what are the mesh and the space group? Am I good buffer conditions for freezing crystals?) And secondly to collect complete data for the resolution of structures or by molecular replacement using heavy derivatives.

Remember to thank the platform in your publications : « This work has benefited from the I2BC crystallization platform, supported by FRISBI ANR-10-INSB-05-01 ». A copy of the communication / publication should be sent ( PDF) to the operations manager and the head of the platform.
When the platform staff participation was decisive, co-signed should be considered.

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