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The Unit currently has three continuous wave EPR spectrometers functioning at X-band (9 GHz, two spectrometers Bruker ELEXYS E500 and a spectrometer Bruker ESP300E), as well as a Bruker e-scan bench spectrometer to assay radicals at room temperature. A pulse X-band spectrometer Bruker ELEXSYS E580 with ELDOR and ENDOR capabilities is also available. Several types of cavity are available for cw X-band experiments : standard rectangular, dual-mode, high sensitivity.

SpectrometerFrequencymodeTemperatureDouble Resonance
e-scan X-band –9 GHz cw Room T
ESP300E X-band –9 GHz cw Room T
ELEXSYS E500 (2) X-band –9 GHz cw ≥ 4.2 K
ELEXSYS E580 X-band –9 GHz Pulse ≥ 4.2 K ENDOR/ELDOR

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