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  • F. Simonetti, T. Candelli, S. Leon, D. Libri, et M. Rougemaille, « Ubiquitination-dependent control of sexual differentiation in fission yeast », eLife, vol. 6, août 2017.
    Résumé : In fission yeast, meiosis-specific transcripts are selectively eliminated during vegetative growth by the combined action of the YTH-family RNA-binding protein Mmi1 and the nuclear exosome. Upon nutritional starvation, the master regulator of meiosis Mei2 inactivates Mmi1, thereby allowing expression of the meiotic program. Here, we show that the E3 ubiquitin ligase subunit Not4/Mot2 of the evolutionarily conserved Ccr4-Not complex, which associates with Mmi1, promotes suppression of meiotic transcripts expression in mitotic cells. Our analyses suggest that Mot2 directs ubiquitination of Mei2 to preserve the activity of Mmi1 during vegetative growth. Importantly, Mot2 is not involved in the constitutive pathway of Mei2 turnover, but rather plays a regulatory role to limit its accumulation or inhibit its function. We propose that Mmi1 recruits the Ccr4-Not complex to counteract its own inhibitor Mei2, thereby locking the system in a stable state that ensures the repression of the meiotic program by Mmi1.
    Mots-clés : Chromosomes, DBG, genes, GEXDIF, S. pombe.
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Principales publications avant 2015
- Mouaikel J, Causse S Z, Rougemaille M, Daubenton-Carafa Y, Blugeon C, Lemoine S, Devaux F, Darzacq X, Libri D (2013). High-frequency promoter firing links THO complex function to heavy chromatin formation. Cell Rep., 5(4), 1082-1094.

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- Assenholt J, Mouaikel J, Saguez C, Rougemaille M, Libri D, Jensen T H (2011) Implication of Ccr4-Not complex function in mRNA quality control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. RNA, 17(10), 1788-1794.

- Braun S, Garcia J F, Rowley M, Rougemaille M, Shankar S, Madhani H D (2011) The Cul4-Ddb1(Cdt)2 ubiquitin ligase inhibits invasion of a boundary-associated antisilencing factor into heterochromatin. Cell, 144(1), 41-54.

- Rougemaille M*, Libri D* (2010) Control of cryptic transcription in eukaryotes. Adv Exp Med Biol., 702, 122-131. * corresponding authors
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- Rougemaille M, Shankar S, Braun S, Rowley M, Madhani H (2008) Ers1, a rapidly diverging protein essential for RNA interference-dependent heterochromatic silencing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. J Biol. Chem., 283 (38), 25770-25773.

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- Wyers F*, Rougemaille M*, Badis G, Rousselle J-C, Dufour M-E, Boulay J, Regnault B, Devaux F, Namane A, Seraphin B, Libri D, Jacquier A (2005) Cryptic Pol II transcripts are degraded by a nuclear quality control pathway involving a new poly(A) polymerase. Cell, 121, 725-737. * equal contribution

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