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- Facchinello, Nicola, Claudio Laquatra, Lisa Locatello, Giorgia Beffagna, Raquel Brañas Casas, Chiara Fornetto, Alberto Dinarello, et al. 2021. Efficient Clofilium Tosylate-Mediated Rescue of POLG-Related Disease Phenotypes in Zebrafish. Cell Death & Disease 12 (1) : 1–18.
- Maková, Barbara, Václav Mik, Barbora Lišková, Gabriel Gonzalez, Dominik Vítek, Martina Medvedíková, Beata Monfort, et al. 2021. Cytoprotective Activities of Kinetin Purine Isosteres. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 33 : 115993.
- Mounkoro, Pierre, Thomas Michel, and Brigitte Meunier. 2021. Revisiting the Mode of Action of the Antimalarial Proguanil Using the Yeast Model. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 534 : 94–98.
- Mounkoro, Pierre, Thomas Michel, Marie-Pierre Golinelli-Cohen, Stéphanie Blandin, Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet, and Brigitte Meunier. 2021. A Role for the Succinate Dehydrogenase in the Mode of Action of the Redox-Active Antimalarial Drug, Plasmodione. Free Radical Biology & Medicine, 162 : 533-541.


- Armengaud, Jean, Agnès Delaunay‐Moisan, Jean-Yves Thuret, Eelco van Anken, Diego Acosta‐Alvear, Tomás Aragón, Carolina Arias, et al. 2020. The Importance of Naturally Attenuated SARS-CoV-2in the Fight against COVID-19. Environmental Microbiology 22 (6) : 1997–2000.
- Boulogne, C., C. Gillet, L. Hughes, R. Le Bars, A. Canette, C. R. Hawes, and B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre. 2020. Functional Organization of the Endomembrane Network in the Digestive Gland of the Venus Flytrap : Revisiting an Old Story with a New Microscopy Toolbox. Journal of Microscopy, 280 (2) : 86-103.
- Carmona, Bruno, Carolina Camelo, M. Mehraz, M. Lemullois, David C. Ferreira, Sofia Nolasco, M. Lince-Faria, et al. 2020. Centrosome Positioning and Development of Ciliopathies : Role of the Human Centrosomal Protein TBCCD1. Medicine 99 (9).
- Demes, Elsa, Laetitia Besse, Paloma Cubero-Font, Beatrice Satiat-Jeunemaitre, Sebastien Thomine, and Alexis De Angeli. 2020. Dynamic Measurement of Cytosolic PH and [NO3-] Uncovers the Role of the Vacuolar Transporter AtCLCa in Cytosolic PH Homeostasis. Proc.Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 117 (26) : 15343–53.
- Fisher, Nicholas, Brigitte Meunier, and Giancarlo A. Biagini. 2020. The Cytochrome Bc1 Complex as an Antipathogenic Target. FEBS Letters, 594 (18) 2935-2952.
- Frachisse, Jean-Marie, Sébastien Thomine, and Jean-Marc Allain. 2020. Calcium and Plasma Membrane Force-Gated Ion Channels behind Development. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 53 : 57–64.
- Gallo, Alessandra, Lydia Danglot, Francesca Giordano, Bailey Hewlett, Thomas Binz, Christian Vannier, and Thierry Galli. 2020. Role of the Sec22b–E-Syt Complex in Neurite Growth and Ramification. Journal of Cell Science 133 (18).
- Garcia de la Torre, Vanesa S., Clarisse Majorel-Loulergue, Guillem J. Rigaill, Dubiel A. Gonzalez, Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat, Yohan Pillon, Louise Barreau, et al. 2020. Wide Cross-Species RNA-Seq Comparison Reveals Convergent Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Nickel Hyperaccumulation Across Dicotyledons. The New Phytologist 229 (2) : 994–1006.
- Giordano, Francesca, and Amy Kiger. 2020. Lipid Regulation and Transport in Membrane Remodeling. Molecular Biology of the Cell 31 (6) : 403–4.
- Gogendeau, Delphine, Michel Lemullois, Pierrick Le Borgne, Manon Castelli, Anne Aubusson-Fleury, Olivier Arnaiz, Jean Cohen, et al. 2020. MKS-NPHP Module Proteins Control Ciliary Shedding at the Transition Zone. PLoS Biology 18 (3) : e3000640.
- Hartley, Andrew M., Brigitte Meunier, Nikos Pinotsis, and Amandine Maréchal. 2020. Rcf2 Revealed in Cryo-EM Structures of Hypoxic Isoforms of Mature Mitochondrial III-IV Supercomplexes. Proc.Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 117 (17) : 9329–37.
- Klena, Nikolai, Maeva Le Guennec, Anne-Marie Tassin, Hugo van den Hoek, Philipp S Erdmann, Miroslava Schaffer, Stefan Geimer, et al. 2020. Architecture of the Centriole Cartwheel-Containing Region Revealed by Cryo-Electron Tomography. The EMBO Journal 39 (22) : e106246.
- Kriznik, Alexandre, Marouane Libiad, Helene Le Cordier, Samia Boukhenouna, Michel B. Toledano, and Sophie Rahuel-Clermont. 2020. Dynamics of a Key Conformational Transition in the Mechanism of Peroxiredoxin Sulfinylation. ACS Catalysis 10 (5) : 3326–39.
- Laleve, Anais, Cristina Panozzo, Inge Kühl, Alexa Bourand-Plantefol, Jelena Ostojic, Abdoulaye Sissoko, Déborah Tribouillard-Tanvier, et al. 2020. Artemisinin and Its Derivatives Target Mitochondrial C-Type Cytochromes in Yeast and Human Cells. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Molecular Cell Research 1867 (5) : 118661.
- Le Guennec, Maeva, Nikolai Klena, Davide Gambarotto, Marine H. Laporte, Anne-Marie Tassin, Hugo van den Hoek, Philipp S. Erdmann, et al. 2020. A Helical Inner Scaffold Provides a Structural Basis for Centriole Cohesion. Science Advances 6 (7) : eaaz4137.
- Leboutet, Romane, Yanfang Chen, Renaud Legouis, and Emmanuel Culetto. 2020. Mitophagy during Development and Stress in C. Elegans. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 189 : 111266.
- Mahor, Durga, Julia Püschmann, Menno van den Haak, Pepijn J. Kooij, David L. J. van den Ouden, Marc J. F. Strampraad, Batoul Srour, and Peter-Leon Hagedoorn. 2020. A Traffic Light Enzyme : Acetate Binding Reversibly Switches Chlorite Dismutase from a Red- to a Green-Colored Heme Protein. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 25 (5) : 827–827.
- Maréchal, Amandine, Jing-Yang Xu, Naho Genko, Andrew M. Hartley, Francis Haraux, Brigitte Meunier, and Peter R. Rich. 2020. A Common Coupling Mechanism for A-Type Heme-Copper Oxidases from Bacteria to Mitochondria. Proc.Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 117 (17) : 9349–55.
- Mari, Stéphane, Christophe Bailly, and Sébastien Thomine. 2020. Handing off Iron to the next Generation : How Does It Get into Seeds and What For ? The Biochemical Journal 477 (1) : 259–74.
- Martín-Barranco, Amanda, Julien Spielmann, Guillaume Dubeaux, Grégory Vert, and Enric Zelazny. 2020. Dynamic Control of the High-Affinity Iron Uptake Complex in Root Epidermal Cells. Plant Physiology 184 (3) : 1236–50.
- Merlot, Sylvain. 2020. Understanding Nickel Responses in Plants : More Than Just an Interaction with Iron Homeostasis. Plant & Cell Physiology 61 (3) : 443–44.
- Miscopein Saler, Laurine, Virginie Hauser, Mathieu Bartoletti, Charlotte Mallart, Marianne Malartre, Laura Lebrun, Anne-Marie Pret, Laurent Théodore, Fabienne Chalvet, and Sophie Netter. 2020. The Bric-à-Brac BTB/POZ Transcription Factors Are Necessary in Niche Cells for Germline Stem Cells Establishment and Homeostasis through Control of BMP/DPP Signaling in the Drosophila Melanogaster Ovary. PLoS Genetics 16 (11) : e1009128.
- Molines, Arthur T., Virginie Stoppin-Mellet, Isabelle Arnal, and Frédéric M. Coquelle. 2020. Plant and Mouse EB1 Proteins Have Opposite Intrinsic Properties on the Dynamic Instability of Microtubules. BMC Research Notes 13 (1) : 296.
- Molino, Diana, Irene Pila-Castellanos, Henri-Baptiste Marjault, Nivea Dias Amoedo, Katja Kopp, Leila Rochin, Ola Karmi, et al. 2020. Chemical Targeting of NEET Proteins Reveals Their Function in Mitochondrial Morphodynamics. EMBO Reports 21 (12) : e49019.
- Neumann, Ulla, and Béatrice Satiat‐Jeunemaitre. 2020. Introduction. Journal of Microscopy 280 (2) : 71–74.
- Pondeville, Emilie, Nicolas Puchot, Jean-Philippe Parvy, Guillaume Carissimo, Mickael Poidevin, Robert M. Waterhouse, Eric Marois, and Catherine Bourgouin. 2020. Hemocyte-Targeted Gene Expression in the Female Malaria Mosquito Using the Hemolectin Promoter from Drosophila. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 120 : 103339.
- Ramond, Elodie, Bianca Petrignani, Jan Paul Dudzic, Jean-Philippe Boquete, Mickaël Poidevin, Shu Kondo, and Bruno Lemaitre. 2020. The Adipokine NimrodB5 Regulates Peripheral Hematopoiesis in Drosophila. The FEBS Journal, 287 (16) : 3399-3426.
- Rochin, Leila, Cécile Sauvanet, Eeva Jääskeläinen, Audrey Houcine, Annukka Kivelä, Xingjie Ma, Eyra Marien, et al. 2020. ORP5 Transfers Phosphatidylserine To Mitochondria And Regulates Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake At Endoplasmic Reticulum - Mitochondria Contact Sites. BioRxiv, 695577.
- Roger, Friederike, Cecilia Picazo, Wolfgang Reiter, Marouane Libiad, Chikako Asami, Sarah Hanzén, Chunxia Gao, et al. 2020. Peroxiredoxin Promotes Longevity and H2O2-Resistance in Yeast through Redox-Modulation of Protein Kinase A. ELife 9 : e60346.
- Russi, Maria, Elodie Martin, Benoit D’Autréaux, Laura Tixier, Hervé Tricoire, and Véronique Monnier. 2020. A Drosophila Model of Friedreich Ataxia with CRISPR/Cas9 Insertion of GAA Repeats in the Frataxin Gene Reveals in Vivo Protection by N-Acetyl Cysteine. Human Molecular Genetics 29 (17) : 2831–44.
- Sicari, Daria, Agnès Delaunay‐Moisan, Laurent Combettes, Eric Chevet, and Aeid Igbaria. 2020. A Guide to Assessing Endoplasmic Reticulum Homeostasis and Stress in Mammalian Systems. The FEBS Journal 287 (1) : 27–42.
- Sjölander, Johanna J., Agata Tarczykowska, Cecilia Picazo, Itziar Cossio, Itedale Namro Redwan, Chunxia Gao, Carlos Solano, et al. 2020. A Redox-Sensitive Thiol in Wis1 Modulates the Fission Yeast Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Response to H2O2 and Is the Target of a Small Molecule. Molecular and Cellular Biology 40 (7).
- Song, Zehua, Yangfeng Hu, Bogdan I. Iorga, Cindy Vallières, Nicholas Fisher, and Brigitte Meunier. 2020. Mutational Analysis of the Qi-Site Proton Pathway in Yeast Cytochrome Bc1 Complex. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 523 (3) : 615-619.
- Srour, Batoul, Sylvain Gervason, Beata Monfort, and Benoit D’Autreaux. 2020. Mechanism of Iron-Sulfur Cluster Assembly : In the Intimacy of Iron and Sulfur Encounter. Inorganics 8 (10) : 55.
- Steib, Emmanuelle, Marine H. Laporte, Davide Gambarotto, Natacha Olieric, Celine Zheng, Susanne Borgers, Vincent Olieric, et al. 2020. WDR90 Is a Centriolar Microtubule Wall Protein Important for Centriole Architecture Integrity. Elife 9 : e57205.
- Sterckeman, Thibault, and Sebastien Thomine. 2020. Mechanisms of Cadmium Accumulation in Plants. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 39 (4) : 322–59.
- Thomas, Lucie, Khaled Bouhouche, Marjorie Whitfield, Guillaume Thouvenin, Andre Coste, Bruno Louis, Claire Szymanski, et al. 2020. TTC12 Loss-of-Function Mutations Cause Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and Unveil Distinct Dynein Assembly Mechanisms in Motile Cilia Versus Flagella. American Journal of Human Genetics 106 (2) : 153–69.
- Wortmann, Saskia B., Brigitte Meunier, Lamia Mestek-Boukhibar, Florence van den Broek, Elaina M. Maldonado, Emma Clement, Daniel Weghuber, et al. 2020. Bi-Allelic Variants in TKFC Encoding Triokinase/FMN Cyclase Are Associated with Cataracts and Multisystem Disease. American Journal of Human Genetics 106 (2) : 256–63.

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