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  • Bruker Vertex 80V (under vacuum – to reduce noise and water vapor contamination ; cryostat option ; detectors : Bolometer, DTGS, MCT ; spectral range between 100 and 6000 cm-1). It is interfaced with a pulsed laser Continuum Surelite+OPO (tunable between 440 and 670 nm) to investigate photoinduced processes. The instrument is especially devoted to time-resolved FTIR measurements (rapid-scan, step-scan) with a time resolution down to 100 ns.
  • Bruker IFS88 (cryostat and ATR accessories ; detectors : MCT, DTGS, Si. Spectral range between 800 and 6000 cm-1). It is interfaced with a pulsed laser Quantel Nd:YAG - 266 / 532 nm - and with Vis lamp and LEDs). The instrument can perform time-resolved rapid scan FTIR (time resolution down to 5 ms). FT-Vis-NIR experiments are also possible.
  • Thermo-Nicolet 6700 (ATR accessory ; detectors : MCT, InSb, DTGS. Spectral range between 600 and 10000 cm-1). Possibility of investigating electrochemically-induced reactions.
  • Bruker Vector 22 (ATR accessory, DTGS detector, Spectral range between 800 and 4000 cm-1).

Samples that can be studied : liquids, powders, solutions, proteins. The large number of detectors makes it possible to investigate also metal-metal and metal-protein (or metal-ligand) bonds. 
In particular, reaction mechanisms (in protein and in solutions) can be investigated. Recent measurements include also the study of biochemical reactions in integral bioenergetic membranes and whole microorganisms.

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