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Publications de l’équipe


- Deffieu MS, Alayi TD, Slomianny C, Tomavo S (2019) The Toxoplasma gondii dense granule protein TgGRA3 interacts with host Golgi and dysregulates anterograde transport. Biology Open 8 : UNSP bio039818
doi : 10.1242/bio.039818


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- Gissot M, Hovasse A, Chaloin L, Schaeffer-Reiss C, Van Dorsselaer A, Tomavo S (2017) An evolutionary conserved zinc finger protein is involved in Toxoplasma gondii mRNA nuclear export. Cellular Microbiology 19(2) doi : 10.1111/cmi.12644.


- Sangaré LO, Alayi TD, Hovasse A, Westermann B, Sindikubwabo F, Callebaut I, Werkmeister E, Lafont F, Slomianny C, Hakimi MA, Van Dorsselaer A, Schaeffer-Reiss C, Tomavo S (2016) Unconventional endosomelike compartment and retromer complex in Toxoplasma gondii govern parasite integrity and host infection. Nature Communications 7:10191.

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- Daher W, Morlon-Guyot J, Alayi TD, Tomavo S, Wengelnik K, Lebrun M (2016) Biochemical and functional characterization of Toxoplasma TgPH1, a Pleckstrin Homology domain containing protein that binds to PI(3,5)P2 phosphoinositide. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 207 : 39-44.

- Barthe P, Veyron-Churlet R, de Visch A, Gilleron M, Saliou JM, Tomavo S, Nigou J, Brodin P, Cohen Gonsaud M (2016) Mycobacterium tuberculosis LppM Displays an Original Structure and Domain Composition Linked to a Dual Localization. Structure 24 : 1788-1794.

- Sakura T, Sindikubwabo F, Slomianny C, Oesterlin LK, Bousquet H, Hakimi MA, Langsley G, Tomavo S (2016) A critical role of Toxoplasma gondii vacuolar protein sorting VPS9 in secretory organelle biogenesis and host infection. Scientific Reports 6 : 38842.


- Ruan J, Mouveaux T, Light S, Minasov G, Anderson W, Tomavo S*, Huan Ngo H* (2015) The crystal structure of bradyzoite-specific enolase of Toxoplasma gondii reveals insights into its dual cytoplasmic and nuclear functions. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 71 : 417-426. *Equal last author.

- Sloves PJ, Mouveaux T, Ait-Yahia S, Vorng H, Everaere L, Sangare LO, Tsicopoulos A, Tomavo S (2015) Apical organelle secretion by Toxoplasma controls innate and adaptive immunity and mediates long-term protection. Journal of Infectious Diseases 212 : 1449-1458.

- Tomavo S (2015) Too much sugar puts a parasite in jeopardy. Cell Host Microbe 18 : 641-643.


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- Coppens I, Asai T, Tomavo S (2013) Biochemistry, lipids, glycobiology and metabolism of Toxoplasma gondii. The model Apicomplexan-Perspectives and Methods”. Edited by LM Weiss and K Kim. Academic Press Elsevier, London, UK.

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