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1st meeting dedicated to the Microbiology of Paris-Saclay

For the first time, I2BC is co-organizing and hosting a meeting dedicated to the Microbiology of Paris-Saclay. The Paris-Saclay MICROBES day (MICROBiology Explored across all Scales) will take place on Wednesday 27 March in the I2BC auditorium.

The MICROBES day gathers a community of experts exploring the multiple facets of Microbiology (bacteria, archaea, microbial eukaryotes & viruses) across all scales : from molecules to genes, genomes, cells, populations, communities, and from basic sciences to applied innovations in microbial and molecular engineering and from environmental to human health.

The meeting is organized in 4 sessions of invited and selected oral presentations and a poster session.

Session 1 : Toward microbial ecology and evolution
Session 2 : From molecules to cells
Session 3 : Toward the microbial factory and molecular engineering
Session 4 : Host-microbes interactions and health microbiology

The detailed programme of the day is available on the conference website.

Voir en ligne : Web site of the Paris-Saclay MICROBES day

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