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Women in the spotlight at I2BC

Two I2BC researchers have just been awarded for their scientific achievements.

Petya Krateva - Francesca Giordano
Petya Krateva - Francesca Giordano
MC Serre - 2019

Francesca GIORDANO, 2019 FSER Laureate
Francesca Giordano and her team are working to elucidate the role of membrane contact sites, or nearby membrane attachment sites (at 10-30nm), in the transport of lipids between the endoplasmic reticulum and other intracellular organelles, particularly mitochondria.
Francesca Giordano’s team uses a combination of in situ imaging, biochemistry and in vitro biophysics to study how lipids are exchanged at membrane contact sites, and how these transport activities affect organelles’ morphology, functions and dynamics.

Francesca Giordano is a 2019 laureate of the Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research (FSER). Each year, this foundation selects three to four young researchers who are distinguished for their excellence in the field of biomedical research.

Petya KRASTEVA, Bronze medal 2019 of the CNRS
Petya Krasteva and her team are working to elucidate the role that protein megacomplexes involved in the secretion of exopolysaccharides play in the formation of biofilms by different species of pathogenic bacteria.
Petya Krasteva’s team uses molecular biology, microbiology and structural biology approaches (X-ray crystallography and cryo electron microscopy) to study the structure and function of exopolysaccharide secretion systems in Gram-negative bacteria, including the important pathogens Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio spp. and Escherichia coli.

Petya Krasteva is a 2019 CNRS Bronze Medalist. Each year, theCNRS medals are awarded to researchers and agents who make an exceptional contribution to the institution’s dynamism and reputation. The Bronze Medal recognizes the first work of a promising researcher or teacher-researcher in his or her field.

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