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Imagerie-Gif organizes FLIM-@-GIF (22 May 2PM)

Try Fluorescence Lifetime as a new contrast for your microscopy !

Wednesday 22th of May (14h00-17h00) listen to three experts to discover FLIM :

What is Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy ?
Fabienne Mérola (Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Orsay)
Why using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Biology ?
Sergi Padilla-Parra (Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford)
How to perform easy FLIM experiments ?
Clément Laigle (Leica-Microsystems)

Inscription is free but mandatory : Inscription link is here !

Thursday 23th and Friday 24th of May : Workshops !

Imagerie-Gif will host for two days the Leica’s SP8 FALCON, an integrated solution for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging that allows you to :
• Follow fast molecular interactions via FLIM-FRET
• Use biosensors to detect changes in metabolic state and microenvironment
• Apply lifetime contrast to separate multiple fluorophores
• Acquire fluorescence lifetime data with minimal training

Contact us to book a demonstration of the FALCON and bring your own samples !

Histological section from cat eye. Simultaneous spectral (grey) and FLIM (color) confocal imaging reveals contrast by lifetime. Acquisition and visualization using SP8 FALCON and LAS X software.

Imagerie-Gif Light Microscopy Facility
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