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I2BC Platform event

Try Fluorescence Lifetime as a new contrast for your microscopy !

Wednesday May 22
(14h00-17h00, I2BC Auditorium) listen to three experts to discover FLIM :

- What is Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy ?
Fabienne Mérola (Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Orsay)
- Why using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Biology ?
Sergi Padilla-Parra (Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford)
- How to perform easy FLIM experiments ?
Clément Laigle (Leica-Microsystems)

Inscription is free but mandatory : Inscription link is here !

Thursday and Friday May 23-24 : Workshops !

Imagerie-Gif will host for two days the Leica’s SP8 FALCON, an integrated solution for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging that allows you to :
- Follow fast molecular interactions via FLIM-FRET
- Use biosensors to detect changes in metabolic state and
- Apply lifetime contrast to separate multiple fluorophores
- Acquire fluorescence lifetime data with minimal training

Histological section from cat eye. Simultaneous spectral (grey) and FLIM (color) confocal imaging reveals contrast by lifetime. Acquisition and visualization using SP8 FALCON and LAS X software.

Contact us to book a demonstration of the FALCON and bring your own samples !

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