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Gold, several nominations and an award for the GO Paris-Saclay team !

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the iGEM GO Paris-Saclay team has just won a gold medal and the prestigious "Best Model" award at the iGEM 2019 international synthetic biology competition, which brought together 345 teams and ended on November 4 in Boston.

The iGEM GO Paris-Saclay team won the Best Modeling Award for its model describing for the first time the fate of a DNA-free cell. It was also nominated for the Best basic biobrick and Best composite biobrick awards for the characterization of a phage nuclease that efficiently generates DNA-free cells.
L'équipe GO Paris-Saclay à Boston (31 octobre – 4 novembre 2019)

The GO Paris-Saclay team in Boston (31 October - 4 November 2019)

The GO Paris-Saclay team has developed a synthetic biology project entitled "DNA-free POETential" in which DNA-free cells have been generated and their potential characterized, particularly in the context of genetic confinement.
The mathematical modeling, winner of the Best Model award, predicted that these cells were metabolically active for several hours, which the students demonstrated experimentally by reconfiguring DNA-free cells into "cleaning plants" capable of degrading a pollutant. In addition, they have shown that their cells are able to replicate genetic information carried by RNA rather than DNA, thus generating cells similar to the primitive cells that would have existed during the evolution of life.

Touches of poetry and philosophy have been introduced into the project.

For more information, we invite you to visit the wiki or follow the team on social networks, Twitter and Facebook.

This project was funded by I2BC, where the GO Paris-Saclay team carried out its experimental work during the summer, the Université Paris-Saclay & Investissements d’Avenir (Department of Life Sciences, School BMP, School BASE, AAP "Globetalkers"), the Université Paris-Sud (FSDIE project), the Institut d’optique Graduate School, and material support from IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies), MathWorks and New England Biolabs.

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