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L’I2BC accueille le symposium Meet-U 2020

Meet-U is a pedagogical initiative offering a new way of teaching through research immersion. This collaborative course involves the masters of bioinformatics from two Universities of Paris area (Sorbonne Université and Université Paris-Saclay) and students from the master of Health Biology of Paris Saclay.

Meet-U aims at immersing students into research by collectively realizing a project from A to Z to address an unresolved and open question in biology. The 2020 edition will be dedicated to protein fold prediction based on comparisons of HMM profiles and protein threading. In the end of the course, students from the masters of bioinformatics will predict the fold of protein sequences identified with OMICS analysis realized by students coming from the master of Health Biology.

The originality of Meet-U lies in the organization of an open meeting day where students present their work to a jury of internationally recognized researchers ( who, in turn, give research conferences. Its unique combination of education and research is strongly motivating for the students and provides them an excellent opportunity to become actors in the scientific community. For the community, Meet-U is the occasion to unify and increase its visibility. Since 2016, Meet-U became an annual "rendez-vous" of the computational biology community gathering up to 150 participants per edition.

Please take a look at our nice jury !

Jessica ANDREANI - I2BC - CEA - Saclay
Marc BAADEN - IBPC - Paris
Claudine MAYER - Institut Pasteur - Paris
Johannes SOEDING - Max Planck Institute - Göttingen
Pierre TUFFERY - Université de Paris - Paris

Registrations are free but mandatory

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