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I2BC Platforms

Platform Coordinator : Jean-Baptiste CHARBONNIER
Deputy : Sandrine Lécart

I2BC ensure that its research groups have access to cutting-edge technologies, by supporting the operation and R&D of its technology platforms.
The I2BC offers a set of 14 cutting-edge technological platforms that mainly support the research projects of the Institute and the University Paris Saclay.

I2BC Platforms in brief
- about 500 users/year (55% I2BC, 13% Univ Paris-Saclay, 24% national users, 5% international users ; 3% industrial users)
- 35.5 dedicated technicians/engineers/researchers
- approximately €1.5 million of investments per year
- approximately €350k of maintenance and fluids budget/year
- 220 Trained users/year

I2BC Platforms
The different technologies are divided into 15 distinct platforms and 3 technical support facilities :

Imagery and Cellular Biology Pole (IMAGERIE-GIF)
- Photonic Microscopy
- Electron Microscopy
- Cytometry

Sequencing Pole
- The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core Facility

Proteomics Pole
- Protéomique-Gif

Biophysics Pole
- ERP High Field
- Electronic Spectroscopy
- Super-resolution imagery
- Plateforme FTIR Spectroscopy

Structural Biology Pole
- Cryo-electron microscopy
- Crystallisation
- Protein-protein interactions (PIM)

A 15th platform is under development
- Bioinformatics

Technical facilities
- Protein expression in insect cells
- Membrane proteins expression in yeast
- Secreted proteins expression in yeast

Certification and national infrastructures
13 of the 15 platforms of the I2BC are accredited by IBISA.
The 3 platforms of the Imagerie-Gif pole are certified ISO9001/ NFX50-900.
13 platforms belong to National Infrastructures (9 are in FRISBI, 3 in France BioImaging and 1 in France Génomiques)

Please acknowledge the use of I2BC platforms as indicated.

Sequencing : « We acknowledge the High-throughput sequencing facility of I2BC for its sequencing and bioinformatics expertise. »

Proteomique-Gif (SICaPS) : “This work has benefited from the facilities and expertise of the I2BC proteomic platform (Proteomic-Gif, SICaPS), supported by IBiSA, Ile de France Region, Plan Cancer, CNRS and Paris-Saclay University”

Imagerie-Gif : “The present work has benefited from Imagerie‐Gif core facility supported by I’Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR-11-EQPX-0029/Morphoscope, ANR-10-INBS-04/FranceBioImaging, ANR‐11‐IDEX‐0003‐02/ Saclay Plant Sciences)”

Other platforms : “The present work has benefited from the platform Xxxxxx of I2BC supported by French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (FRISBI) ANR-10-INBS-05-05"
With Xxxxx = “of Biophysics” or “of NMR” or “of Crystallization” or “of CryoEM” or “PIM”

How to access the platforms
Once trained by our platform engineers, some of our equipment is available on a "self-service" basis. You may then access to our online booking site GIPSI.

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