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Call for new teams 2021

The Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC) is seeking to recruit junior and mid-career Group leaders to develop independent research programs in the fields of Virology and of Cell Biology

I2BC is a leading research institute exploring the molecular and cellular bases of biological processes. The Institute located south of Paris within the Université Paris‐Saclay campus benefits from an exceptional interdisciplinary scientific environment, including leading private and academic research centres, engineering schools and the French national synchrotron facility Soleil.

The main research theme of I2BC concerns the characterization of the integrated functioning of the cell and in particular the understanding of the processes which, at the molecular level, govern the organization and the overall physiology of the cell. These studies, carried out in different model and non-model organisms (from viruses to human cells), under various physiological conditions and at different scales, aim to model life processes in order to integrate the impacts of molecular, subcellular and environmental changes in the physiology of normal or pathological cells and tissues.

I2BC benefits from state-of-the-art technological platforms, including NGS sequencing, proteomics, cytometry, live and super‐resolution photon microscopy, cellular electron microscopy, cryo‐electron microscopy, spectroscopy and crystallography.

I2BC is composed of 60 teams bringing together approx. 600 staff members and students working on different aspects of biology of the cell combining multidisciplinary approaches. The research groups are organized in five disciplinary departments : Biochemistry, structural biology and biophysics ; Cell biology ; Genome biology ; Microbiology ; Virology.

Transversely to the organization into disciplinary departments, the research carried out by the unit is developed in 4 transverse thematic axes :

  • Architecture and Dynamics of cellular structures, and associated pathologies ;
  • Processing of genetic information and its dysfunctions ;
  • Host-microbe interactions : infectious diseases and symbiosis ;
  • Bio-inspired engineering for energy, health and the environment.

These transverse thematic axes and the collaborations between teams from different departments and platforms of the unit are supported by a very voluntary policy of the unit through financial support to perform transversal programs developed in each of these axes.
I2BC wishes to reinforce the Departments of Virology and of Cell Biology. Candidates shall develop independent and high-quality fundamental research programs.

  • Applications to the Department of Virology should cover the broad themes of structural and cell biology of virus infection. Research on virus entry, host-cell takeover, viral-induced cell compartmentalization, and cell intrinsic antiviral defenses are particularly encouraged.
  • Applications to the Cell Biology Department are welcome on any aspect of cell biology, in particular in the biogenesis, organization, function and communication of cell structures and compartments, as well as their involvement in pathology or response to stress and infection. To address these questions, the diversity of model systems is a strength of the department.

Applications shall be submitted by email to direction before April 15, 2021. They shall include a cover letter describing their motivations to join I2BC, a C.V., a 2‐page summary of research achievements, a 4‐page research project, and contact details for three referees. Selection will be performed in two stages : shortlisting in May 2021 and interviews before the end of July 2021. The successful candidate should meet the criteria to compete for national and international funding, and for French institutional research positions (University, CNRS, CEA or INSERM). After the selection process, I2BC will provide strong support and guidance for these applications to secure independent funding and obtain a position. Installation support and facilitated access to technological platforms will be provided to the new teams. For further information’s, please contact direction

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