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Présentation de la plateforme de spectroscopies vibrationelles

Responsable : Pascal ANDREW

The “Bioenergetics, Metalloproteins and Stress” team, located at iBiTec-S/CEA-Saclay, has a platform dedicated to super-resolution imagery of biological samples. Super-resolution optical techniques allow the capture of images to a resolution superior than the diffraction limit, d= λ/2, as described by Ernest Abbe in 1873 (e.g. λ = 500 nm, d = λ/2 = 250 nm). Currently, our samples are required to be placed between a sandwich of glass coverslips which is then inserted into the sample holder of a Nikon Ti inverted microscope. The emitted fluorescence is captured by an EMCCD camera.

Keywords :

super-resolution, fluorescence, imaging


PASCAL Andrew [Chercheur - CEA]
Laboratoire Bioénergétique Membranaire et Stress
Spectroscopies Vibrationnelles [Responsable Scientifique]
01 69 08 24 96 Saclay - Bât 532

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