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High throughput sequencing platform presentation

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core Facility was founded in January 2010 and is accessible to all academic and industrial users. The Core Facility offers a broad range of services: library preparation, sequencing and primary data analysis.

It has two specific aims:
• to offer users a wide range of techniques for the preparation of DNA-seq and RNA-seq libraries and their sequencing
• to offer users bioinformatic analyses: mapping, data storage and also further analyses that are defined with the users at the beginning of each project.
In some cases, for more complicated projects, a full collaboration can be set up between the NGS Core Facility and the users.

Proceedings of services :

1- If necessary, the project is discussed in a meeting with the facility members and the customer
2- Emailing of the request form by customer
3- Emailing of the quote by the facility
4- Return of the signed quote and purchase order by the customer
5- Sample submission, quality controls
6- Libraries construction
7- Sequencing
8- Bioinformatics
9- Sequencing report/ Data
10- Invoice

The facility is in charge of 150 projects per year, corresponding to more than 700 libraries and 40 projects analyzed in bioinformatics.
The NGS Core Facility is ISO 9001 certified since October 2015.
The facility is approved by the IBiSA and France génomique networks.

key words
High throughput sequencing; Illumina; DNA library; RNA-seq; ChIP-seq; bioinformatics

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