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16 mars 2018: 2 événements

  • Département Biologie des Génomes

    Vendredi 16 mars 11:00-12:00 - Damien Coudreuse - Institut de Génetique & Développement de Rennes

    Shaping cell proliferation : cell cycle progression and CDK activity dynamics

    Résumé : Cell cycle progression is central to cell proliferation in normal and pathological contexts. Despite the complexity of the eukaryotic cell cyclecontrol, we previously showed that the core engine of cell proliferation relies on the simple oscillation of a single qualitative cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) activity between a low (S phase) and high (M phase) threshold. While this model explains the main cell cycle transitions, the importance of the temporal profile of CDK activity remains unknown. In other words, do the precise dynamics in CDK function throughout the cell cycle play a role in the integrity of cell proliferation, as was suggested by mathematical models ? Or is the two-threshold model sufficient to understand how eukaryotic cells organise their cell cycle ? Using a synthetic approach to cell cycle control in fission yeast coupled with high resolution microscopy and microfluidic technologies, our recent work reveals how CDK activity dynamics shape cell cycle progression and act as a noise filter.
    Contact : Julie SOUTOURINA <julie.soutourina>

    Lieu : Auditorium - bâtiment 21 - Campus CNRS de Gif-sur-Yvette

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  • Département Biologie Cellulaire

    Vendredi 16 mars 11:00-12:00 - Guy TRAN VAN NHIEU - CIRB, Paris, invité par R. Legouis

    Ca2+ signals and cytoskeletal reorganization during Shigella invasion of epithelial cells

    Résumé : The bacterial pathogen Shigella invades the colonic mucosa, triggering tissue destruction leading to the dysenteric syndrome. We will review how this pathogen promotes its invasion and intracellular replication by affecting cellular processes that regulate cytoskeletal dynamics, vesicular trafficking and the autophagy machinery. Recent findings highlighting the key role of bacterial effectors that divert host cell mechanosensing and Ca2+ signaling will be presented.

    Lieu : Bibliothèque - bâtiment 34 - campus de Gif-sur-Yvette

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