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25 mai 2018: 1 événement

  • Département Biologie des Génomes

    Vendredi 25 mai 2018 11:00-12:00 - Emilie Brasset - GReD (Genetics, Reproduction and Development) Clermont Université, Clermont-Ferrand

    Transposable Element repression in the germline : piRNA as guardians of the genome integrity

    Résumé : Transposable elements (TEs) have the capacity to transpose and invade genomes. To ensure genome integrity for the next generation, their mobilization is strictly controlled in the germline. Extensive studies performed in Drosophila and mice have identified a special class of small RNAs called Piwi-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) that form a dedicated transposon silencing system to ensure germline genome integrity and fertility. Most of these piRNAs are produced from very special dedicated loci called piRNA clusters. Integration of transposons into piRNA clusters generates de novo piRNAs, which in turn exert trans-silencing activity against these transposons. It is not well understood yet how this piRNA clusters are defined and how their transcripts are taken in charge by the cell to produce piRNAs. Our project wishes to uncover underlying specificities of piRNA silencing in the germline and the involvement of this pathway in the transmission of the repression to the offspring using Drosophila as a model.
    Contact : Daan Noordermeer <daan.noordermeer>

    Lieu : Bibliothèque- bâtiment 34 - Campus CNRS de Gif-sur-Yvette

    En savoir plus : Département Biologie des Génomes