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12 octobre 2018: 1 événement


    Vendredi 12 octobre 2018 14:00-15:00 - Guillaume Lenoir - Département B3S, I2BC

    Organization, structure, and dynamics of biological membranes

    Résumé : Membrane proteins (MPs) are involved in numerous functions such as cell signaling, membrane trafficking, metabolite/ion/lipid transport, and cell detoxification. Hence, MPs are implicated in many pathophysiological conditions, being as well the target of more than 50% of the currently used drugs. In that context, researchers at the Laboratory of Membrane Proteins and Membrane Systems (LPSM) have worked in the past five years at deciphering the mechanism of primary active transport processes, at the elucidation of protein-protein and protein-lipid interaction and significance, and at understanding the regulatory mechanism of mitochondrial energy-transducing complexes. Due to the upcoming retirement of Francis Haraux, the actual head of the LPSM, we propose José Luis Vázquez-Ibar and Guillaume Lenoir to take over the shared responsibility of the LPSM. In the next years, we will focus on projects related to the role of MPs in the dynamic organization and structure of biological membranes. During this seminar, we will present some of the work we achieved in the recent years and outline our projects for the coming years.

    Lieu : Auditorium I2BC - Campus Gif, Bâtiment 21

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