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13 mars 2020: 1 événement

  • Département Biologie des Génomes

    Vendredi 13 mars 14:00-15:00 - Stefan HOFFMANN - University of Manchester, Royaume-Uni

    Continuous Culture in Directed Evolution Studies

    Résumé : Directed evolution is a powerful tool in protein engineering to achieve desired protein characteristics by selection, without requiring structural knowledge. Traditionally, in vivo selections are done in batch culture, which is characterised by a dynamically changing medium composition as cells multiply. This can make challenging selections difficult, especially dual selections for switchable function, due to affecting cell physiology and limited control over the selective stringency. To address this limitation, we have developed a continuous culture bioreactor system with optical feedback control and a volume-independent on-line estimation of growth rates. This small-scale turbidostat ( 20 ml) affords microbial cultures at freely chosen constant densities, enabling selections at steady physiological states with the capability of monitoring population fitness over time. It also facilitates longer selections typical for adaptive laboratory evolution experiments, with the growth rate assessment providing guidance for adjusting selective pressure.

    Contact : Christophe POSSOZ <Christophe.POSSOZ>

    Lieu : Salle des séminaires - bâtiment 26 - campus de Gif-sur-Yvette

    En savoir plus : Département Biologie des Génomes