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12 janvier 2021: 2 événements

  • Département Microbiologie

    Mardi 12 janvier 11:00-12:00 - Emilie Lesur - Equipe Synthèse de Molécules et de Macromolécules Bioactives, ICMMO

    Sondes à base de tréhalose et d’acides mycoliques pour l’étude de la biogénèse de la membrane des Corynebacteriales

    Lieu : Visio - Lien Visio disponible sur l’intranet ou sur demande (communication

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  • Cytoskeleton club

    Mardi 12 janvier 11:30-13:00 - Olivia du Roure - PMMH, Paris

    Cytoskeleton club - Pinching the cortex of live cells reveals myosin II dependent thickness instabilities

    Résumé : The cell cortex is a contractile actin meshwork, which determines cell shape and is essential for cell mechanics, migration and division. Because the cortical thickness is below optical resolution, it has been generally considered as a thin uniform elastic and contractile layer. Using two mutually attracted magnetic beads, one inside the cell and the other in the extracellular medium, we pinch the cortex of dendritic cells and provide an accurate and time resolved measure of its thickness. Moreover this allows for a direct characterization of the cell cortex mechanics. Our observations draw a new picture of the cell cortex as a highly dynamic layer, harboring large fluctuations in its third dimension due to actomyosin contractility. We propose that the cortex dynamics might be responsible for the fast shape changing capacity of highly contractile cells that use amoeboid-like migration.
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    Lieu : Webinar

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