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9 février 2021: 2 événements

  • Département Microbiologie

    Mardi 9 février 11:30-12:30 - François Guerin - CHU de Rennes

    Exemples de mécanismes moléculaires d’adaptation du complexe Enterobacter cloacae à son environnement

    Lieu : Visio - Lien Visio disponible sur l’intranet ou sur demande (seminaires

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  • Cytoskeleton club

    Mardi 9 février 11:30-13:00 - Helgo Schmidt - IGBMC, Strasbourg

    Cytoskeleton club - Structural Investigations on the Molecular Machines Dynein and Rea

    Résumé : The microtubule motor dynein and the ribosome maturation factor Rea1 consist each of around 5000 amino-acid residues and belong to the AAA+ (ATPases associated with various cellular activities) protein family of molecular machines. They share key architectural features like a concatenated ring of six AAA+ domains featuring a large “linker domain” extension. ATP hydrolysis in the AAA+ ring drives the remodelling of the linker domain, which allows dynein and Rea1 to fulfil their respective biological function. These structural and mechanistic similarities set dynein and Rea1 apart from the rest of the large AAA+ field.
    My team is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms of dynein and Rea1 by cryoEM and x-ray crystallography. In this talk, I will present the structural insights we obtained about their modes of operation. I will especially focus on the events within these molecular machines that link ATP-hydrolysis in the AAA+ ring to the remodelling of the linker to produce force for the movement along microtubules and removal of assembly factors from maturing ribosomal particles.

    Lieu : Webinar

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