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12 février 2021: 1 événement

  • Département Biologie des Génomes

    Vendredi 12 février 10:00-11:00 - Masato Kanemaki - National Institute of Genetics

    Controlling protein expression by using the power of plants

    Résumé : Genetic perturbation is a powerful way to analyze the function of proteins in living cells. For this purpose, we pioneered to develop the auxin-inducible degron (AID) technology by which a degron-fused protein can be rapidly degraded after the addition of the plant hormone auxin (Nishimura et al., Nat. Methods, 2009). By combining with CRISPR-based genome editing, it was possible to generate AID conditional mutants of human cells (Natsume et al., Cell Reports, 2016). The AID system became one of the popular genetic tools to study the function of proteins. However, leaky degradation and high doses of auxin for inducing degradation have been major drawbacks. Moreover, nobody has successfully applied the AID system to control protein degradation in living mice. We recently overcame these problems by taking advantage of chemical biology and successfully established the AID2 system (Yesbolatova et al. Nat. Comm, 2020). By using AID2, we can now sharply control protein degradation in yeast, mammalian cells and mice.

    Lieu : Visio

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