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15 juin 2021: 1 événement

  • Club Mitochondrie

    Mardi 15 juin 15:00-16:00 - Benoît Kornmann - University of Oxford, UK

    Interorganelle communication : a new layer of complexity in the eukaryotic cell.

    Résumé : Organelles separate biochemistry in dedicated compartments with optimised conditions. Yet, stacking many membrane-bound organelles in a limited cytosolic space poses fantastic logistics challenges. How are the hydrophobic lipid building blocks of these membranes ferried from their site of synthesis to their site of utilisation across the aqueous cytosol ? How are organelles kept from randomly bumping into and disturbing other organelles ?
    My laboratory has set out to study these questions in the context of mitochondria, organelles that display complex shapes and a rich set of dynamic behaviours, and do not receive any lipid from classical vesicular transport routes. We see that contact sites between organelles allow lipid transport between them via specialised proteins and that organelles can sense each other’s presence via the mechanical forces that they apply to each other.

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