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Niko HILDEBRANDT : NanoBioPhotonique

Niko HILDEBRANDT : Présentation de l’équipe

NanoBioPhotonique – Une équipe de recherche multidisciplinaire
Le groupe nanobiophotonique est une jeune équipe interdisciplinaire composée de chimistes, de physiciens et de biochimistes qui (...)

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A small group with big visions
Permanent staff
Niko Hildebrandt, PhD, Professor Group leader Tel. : +33 (0)1 69 82 61 30 e-mail : niko.hildebrandt
Non-permanent staff
Xue (...)

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From photonic materials to applied biosensing
Vivid and successful research is based on creativity and strong and respectful cooperation among different disciplines and persons. In our lab and (...)

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Our current and former research projects amplify (2017 - 2018) Multiplexed diagnostics of microRNA using ultra-sensitive homogeneous FRET detection GYNO-MIR (2017 - 2020) Place des microARN (...)

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Denn was man schwarz auf weiß besitzt, kann man getrost nach Hause tragen. (Goethe) What we possess in black and white, we can in peace and comfort bear away.
Reviews and Perspectives
1. N. (...)

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Open Positions

For the inquiry concerning positions please contact : .annuaire font-size : 10pt ; font-family : ’Arial’ ;
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Captain FRET recommends : “A comprehensive book about a topic that everybody loves. Powerful and full of mysteries.”
FRET - Förster Resonance Energy Transfer From Theory to Applications
Medintz, (...)

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