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27 September 2017


I2BC is pleased to host the third conference of the Multidisciplinary Thematic Network in Gif-sur-Yvette, on November 20th and 21st 2017.
After Montpellier-2015 and Marseille-2016, (...)

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27 July 2017

Using the green plant playbook to design better energy technology.

The transfer and storage of energy during photosynthesis remains one of the world’s great marvels, and a new study has identified natural design principles within the process that could improve (...)

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21 July 2017

Third Workshop 3D_Chrome : Nanoseq-2017. Recent Developments with Nanopore Sequencing

The Third 2017 3D_CHROME workshop, NanoSeq-2017, is dedicated to studies using the MinION sequencer (Oxford Nanopore Technologies), a 3rd generation nanopore sequencer that can sequence DNA (...)

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19 July 2017

Second Workshop 3D_Chrome : MGO2017

During the second 2017 3D_CHROME interdisciplinary research initiative workshop, MGO2017, 8 internationally renowned experts will discuss recent projects where genomics and microscopy studies are (...)

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12 July 2017

First Workshop 3D Chrome : multi-im2017

The aim of the first 2017 3D_CHROME interdisciplinary research initiative workshop, multi-im2017, is to share the expertise on cutting-edge approaches to image cells and molecules, from live cell (...)

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