Cell Biology Department

Cell Biology Department


Director :  Christophe Le Clainche

Deputy Director:  Sébastien thomine

The Department of Cellular Biology aims to better understand
how the cellular processes are coordinated to allow homeostasis of cells and organisms.


Cells are the basic functional units of the living organisms and they carry out many physiological processes. They are the central point of integration between the molecular and the whole organism scales. One of the main challenges of cell biology is to bridge the gap between the molecular and cellular levels and the physiology of tissues and organs eukaryotes, to understand  their capacities to adapt to natural variations and stresses, as well as their dysfunctions under pathological conditions.

The research themes of the groups

The eight teams of the Department are studying the molecular players and mechanisms that govern the biogenesis, organization and maintenance of specialized structures and compartments of the cell. They also analyze how the intracellular traffic and exchanges between compartments are orchestrated and regulated. A particular attention is dedicated to the origin and consequences of cellular dysfunctions during endogenous or environmental stresses and to decipher the associated response strategies.

To explore these various cellular processes, which are highly conserved in eukaryotes, a major strength of the department is the use of various model systems ranging from unicellular protozoa, fungi and invertebrates to higher plants and mammals. In this regard, the department has considerable potential for the development of comparative cell biology approaches.

Beyond their expertise in cellular processes, compartments and intracellular organelles, the teams of the department develop genetic and imaging approaches, including cutting-edge techniques such as microfluidics, correlative microscopy and super-resolution microscopy, including expansion microscopy. This unique combination promotes an integrative and dynamic view of cellular organization to better understand how cellular processes are executed, regulated and coordinated for the maintenance of organism homeostasis.


Christophe Le Clainche 33 (0)1 69 82 34 80

Sébastien Thomine 33 (0)1 69 82 46 32

Research groups

Group Leader

                          F. GIORDANO         

Group Leader



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