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To define the type of device most appropriate to your needs and the desired level of access, an initial discussion with one of the platform members is recommended.

Three levels of access are proposed to the users:

– Use of our microscopes with the assistance of facility engineers

The service with assistance concerns the work carried out by the platform on behalf of a user. It uses techniques and know-how mastered by the facility. The work carried out in this type of service does not have an inventive character.

An analysis of the results obtained will be provided in PDF format. It implies a recognition of the engineer’s investment in possible publications. The platform does not guarantee the conservation of data at the end of the service.

– Free booking of equipment after training:

The acces of equipment requires the prior training of users by one of the members of the facility. This training results in the acquisition of an autonomy allowing the user to book on the booking web site the equipment on which he has been trained.

This type of access  is proposed when the user’s needs require repeated use of an equipment.

Before being fully autonomous on the machines, the user must agree to respect the conditions of access to the platform by filling out an “access request”. The user’s team leader must also commit by signing this document.

The platform must be acknowledged in any publications.

In addition to the “custom” training provided as part of our service offers to lead to autonomous use of the equipment, Imagerie-Gif organizes training in the form of theoretical courses, practical work and tutorials in specific areas of imaging: link.

– Scientific collaboration

Scientific collaboration aims at removing a methodological barrier, in direct collaboration with a user. Collaboration is particularly implemented when a user’s request requires the adaptation of protocols or specific developments.

The engineer involved will be considered as a co-author in a possible publication.

Before any training or service, the user must fill out a “request for access” to give his agreement to the proposed service and the proposed terms of access. The user’s team leader must also sign this document. By signing, the team leader acknowledges having read and accepted the conditions of use of the platform’s resources.



By signing this document, the user AND his team leader commit themselves to :

– respect the health and safety rules and the operating rules of the platform,

– provide all information on the samples analyzed, particularly with regard to potential risks for the manipulator and/or the equipment, and inform the platform engineer of any change in biological material,

– respect the reserved hours of use,

– to accept the conditions of invoicing for services performed on the platform

– to notify by acknowledgements any publication/presentation of data acquired on the platform

– to value the investment of the engineers


By signing this document, the platform commits to :

– advise and direct the user towards the system(s) best suited to his needs,

– provide the user with maintained, controlled and calibrated equipment,

– to train the users to accompany them towards a partial or total autonomy of use of the desired equipment,

– provide technical and/or scientific support,

– improve the quality of the services offered by implementing a quality management system certified ISO9001 and NFX-50-900.

In case of non-compliance with these instructions, access to the various services may be questioned.

Certification ISO 9001

NFX50-900 since 2010

The platform laboratory is only allowed to handle level 1 biological risk samples. Higher level samples (2 or 3) must be inactivated before being brought to the platform. The platform is not equipped to handle the study of radioactive samples.

In some cases, the platform engineers reserve the right to refuse a service if they consider that their security is threatened.

Booking is mandatory and is made via the GIPSI website. Once trained to use one or several equipments, the user receives by email his identifiers in order to connect to the GIPSI website intranet.

To access the reservation, the user simply logs in on the left side of the screen with the email address and password received.

To book any equipment, simply select the platform of your choice in the “Platforms” tab and then go to the “Reservations” tab.

The platform does not guarantee the data storage at the end of each session. The user is therefore solely responsible for archiving and saving his/her personal data.

The data acquired or processed can be recovered by the user at the end of each session (autonomous or assisted by the engineer) on a USB key or on an external hard disk. In the case of a service performed by the platform engineer, a paper or computer copy (sent by email) can also be provided to the user at his request.

NOTE: The duration of the acquisition/analysis session MUST take into account the transfer time of the acquired or processed data. No data should remain stored on the local disk.

The platform ensures the monitoring of the stability and the good condition of the equipment by carrying out regular metrology sessions.This is essential to ensure our users a good reproducibility in their acquisitions.

For his part, the user have to report any problem encountered during the use of the equipment by filling out an anomaly form available directly on his booking session on GIPSI website.

Intellectual property

The know-how and knowledge used by Imagerie-Gif to carry out the services remain the property of the CNRS; consequently any improvement of the know-how will remain the property of the CNRS. The property of the results of the services belongs to the Client.

Retention of Title Clause:


Confidentiality rules

Each Party (user and platform) undertakes not to publish or disclose in any way whatsoever the scientific, technical or commercial information of the other Party, and in particular the prior knowledge belonging to the other Party of which it may become aware during the performance of the services, as long as this information is not accessible to the public. This commitment shall remain in force for five years (5 years) from the date of issue of the invoice.

Any publication or communication by the user concerning the results of the services must indicate that these results were obtained by the platform. Under no circumstances shall it disclose the know-how implemented by the Platform.

  1. Daily hours, opening of the laboratory, access to the premises

Users can choose their arrival time within the 9:00 am – 6:00 pm range.

Access to the I2BC outside these times may be expressly authorized by the technical manager of the platform.

Users must respect the health and safety instructions posted in the premises provided (see also paragraph 3.4 Isolated work of the present charter).


The Platforms operate throughout the calendar year. A table of engineers’ absences is clearly displayed; users must take these absences into account in the case of scheduling accompanied work. The periods of closure are decided by the scientific director of Imagerie-Gif.


  1. Diffusion of scientific results

2.1. Confidentiality

Everyone is required to respect the confidentiality of the work entrusted to them and their colleagues. In case of disclosure of information (publications, patents, communications based on the use of Platform resources), it is strongly recommended to submit the Materials and Methods/Results parts obtained on the Platform equipment to the technical manager of the Platform. The results and data obtained from research conducted on the Platforms are not the property of the Platform but are subject to the regulations of the various Institutions covering each user. On the other hand, the originals of the laboratory notebooks of the engineers involved in the support must be kept on the Platforms.

The Platform engineers are authorized to use the results acquired on the Platform in their actions of valorization of the platform under cover of authorization of the project authors.


2.2. Publications

Publications involving results obtained on one of the Imaging-Gif Platforms must specify this in the acknowledgements. If the engineers appear as co-authors, their belonging to the unit and their affiliation to the supervisors must appear in the address.

A copy of all publications (articles, journals, theses….) for which all or part of the work was carried out within the platforms must be given to the technical manager of the Platform as soon as they are published.


  1. Health and safety

3.1 Safety

Platform staff must ensure that user agents have received safety training and, if necessary, specific training adapted to their work on the Platform. If they have not, they undertake to provide them with such training.


3.2 No smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the workplace (Decree 92-478 of May 29, 1992).


3.3. Lone working

Lone working must be exceptional and dedicated to tasks that do not present a risk. In the event that dangerous work must necessarily be performed outside of official opening hours, it is mandatory to be accompanied. The line manager and the technical manager of the Platform must be notified.


3.4. GMOs: Specific measures

The use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is regulated. The official information on their use can be consulted on the following sites ;

The main rules for the handling of GMOs at I2BC are the following:

– All GMOs must be handled, stored, decontaminated, and disposed of in a manner that:

  1. Do not harm the health of the users
  2. Avoid contamination of other users’ biological material
  3. Avoiding the dissemination

– GMOs include microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc. …..), plants and transgenic cell cultures

– Before disposal, all GMOs must be sterilized by bleach treatment or autoclaving

– Transgenic plants must be grown and handled in greenhouses or enclosures according to the rules available in these places and on the Intranet

– The level of containment (L1, S1, S2 and S3) required for each type of experiment has been notified for each project by the Commission du Génie Génétique (CGG). This information can be consulted in the application files for approval of contained use of genetically modified organisms (groups I and II) filed with the I2BC secretariat and can be consulted on the Intranet

– Any new type of experiment must be the subject of a request for modification of the application for approval of contained use of GMOs


3.6. Radioactivity : Specific measures

The user using radioactive markings must inform the technical manager of the platform from the first appointment.


4 – Training

The engineers inform and advise users on their training needs and requests. They will eventually set up specific and adequate trainings to the expressed needs.


5 – Use of computer resources

Each user of the Platforms hosted at the I2BC and using the I2BC’s computer resources must take note of the I2BC’s computer charter.

It is strictly forbidden to use the computers dedicated to the control of the Platform equipment for purposes other than the acquisition or analysis of data related to the equipment (prohibition of internet or intranet consultation, e-mail, installation of programs, etc.).


6 – Use of collective technical resources

Engineers are responsible for the maintenance of equipment and laboratories. However, it is essential that the conditions and rules of use are rigorously applied by each user. The Platforms engineers must ensure that users are trained and informed of the safety rules. They reserve the right to deny access to the Platform in case of non-compliance with the rules of behavior.

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