Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell

Strategic axes confront the future

Transverse axes and research programs

The research of the I2BC falls within four main transverse research axes based on the multidisciplinarity of the unit. For each of these lines of research, three scientists from different disciplines provide scientific leadership.

Architecture and Dynamics of cellular structures
and associated pathologies

The organization and maintenance of the internal structure of cells, both eukaryotic and prokaryotic, are essential for their survival...

Processing of genetic information
and its dysfunctions

The study of genomes aims not only to understand how the genetic information contained in the chromosomes...

Host-microbe interactions: infectious diseases and symbiosis Axis

Host-microbe interactions: infectious diseases and symbiosis

Viruses, bacteria, archaea, parasites and fungi have evolved to conquer a wide variety of host niches...

Bio-inspired engineering for energy, health and the environment

The detailed knowledge of the functioning of macromolecular machines...

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