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23 May 2019

Novel methods to analyze localization of bacterial proteins with super-resolution microscopy

Emerging super-resolution microscopy techniques allow us to overcome the diffraction limit of light, so that taking images (often from live cells) in a resolution of less than 100 nm. They (...)

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30 April 2019

Women in the spotlight at I2BC

Two I2BC researchers have just been awarded for their scientific achievements.
Francesca GIORDANO, 2019 FSER Laureate Francesca Giordano and her team are working to elucidate the role of (...)

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8 April 2019

Human cytomegalovirus hijacks the autophagic machinery to assemble its viral particles

Infection with the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV), a large enveloped virus that is widely distributed in human populations, is most often benign but can cause serious disease in immunocompromised (...)

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5 March 2019

1st meeting dedicated to the Microbiology of Paris-Saclay

For the first time, I2BC is co-organizing and hosting a meeting dedicated to the Microbiology of Paris-Saclay. The Paris-Saclay MICROBES day (MICROBiology Explored across all Scales) will take (...)

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10 December 2018

Autophagy, a new way to increase the trace element content of seeds

On a worldwide scale, several billions of people are suffering from deficiencies in essential metals such as iron or zinc. These deficiencies are most often due to nutrient diets based (...)

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