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4 March 2020

Don’t call me by my name : Glycylpeptide N-tetradecanoyltransferase debunked!

N-terminal glycine myristoyl transferases (NMTs) have been known for over three decades. NTMs are enzymes evolutionarily conserved and responsible for myristoylation (MYR), a major co- and (...)

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6 January 2020

I2BC host the Meet-U 2020 symposium

Meet-U is a pedagogical initiative offering a new way of teaching through research immersion. This collaborative course involves the masters of bioinformatics from two Universities of Paris area (...)

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16 December 2019

3D genome organization directs the expression of genes implicated in imprinting diseases

Diseases related to parental imprinting defects are characterized by a variety of symptoms including growth alterations, endocrine defects and mental disability. A collaboration between teams (...)

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5 December 2019

How a virus associated with the virulence of the cholera bacterium hijacks a bacterial-specific recombination machinery

Many mobile elements use the Xer machinery of bacteria to integrate into the dif site of one of the chromosomes of their bacterial host. Integrative mobile elements using Xer (IMEX) are often (...)

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21 November 2019

The Bettencourt Coups d’élan for French research prize awarded to Yves Gaudin

The names of the 2019 winners of the scientific prizes awarded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation were announced on 20 November 2019 during the awards ceremony at the André and Liliane (...)

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