Bacteriophages of Gram-Positive Bacteria

Bacterial viruses (bacteriophages or phages) are the most abundant viruses in the Biosphere.
Their vast majority are tailed phages whose viral particle is composed of an icosahedral DNA-filled capsid and of a tail that is the genome delivery device to the host bacterium.

Bacteriophages of Gram-Positive Bacteria

Our team Bacteriophages of Gram-Positive Bacteria studies assembly of viral particles of tailed bacteriophages and infection of Gram-positive bacteria by their viruses. The main research model system is the siphovirus SPP1 that infects the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. The approach is interdisciplinary combining genetics, biochemistry, structural and cell biology.




Group Leader

Research Director

Isabelle AUZAT




Stéphane ROCHE


Former members and Alumni

Jack Doling (Post-Doctoral Researcher 2019-2022)

Sandrine Brasiles (Technician)

Hounay’iraa Chadouli (Masters Internship 2021)

Mehdi El Sadek Fadel (PhD student 2017-2021)

Lia Marques Godinho (Post-Doctoral researcher 2016-2018)

Andrés Corral-Lugo (Post-Doctoral researcher 2016-2018)

Leonor Oliveira (Researcher 2001-2017)

Karima Djacem (PhD student 2013-2016)

Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic (Post-Doctoral researcher 2013-2015)

Mohamed Zairi (PhD student 2011-2014)

Charlène Cornilleau (Engineer 2009-2013)

Lina Jakutyte (PhD student 2007-2011)

Anait Seul (Post-Doctoral researcher 2009-2011)


Nouredinne Atmane (Post-Doctoral researcher 2008-2010)

Latest publications

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External funding

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