Resonance Raman


All the equipment is accessible after training by the facility engineers.

-2 Yobin-Jvon U1000 spectrometers; double monochromator; highly-sensitive, liquid-N2-cooled CCD detector. One optimised in the red and the other in the blue region of the spectrum. These are coupled to a number of lasers giving excitations throughout the visible, near-UV and near-IR range.


-2 other Yobin-Jvon U1000 double monochromator spectrometers (N2-cooled CCDs), coupled to confocal microscopes for Raman imaging measurements. Excitation throughout the visible.


-1 Yobin-Jvon T64000 spectrometer (single monochromator; N2-cooled CCD), excitation throughout the visible.


-2 Bruker FT-Raman spectrometers (Bruker IFS66 FTIR + Bruker FRA106 Raman module; N2-cooled Ge diode detector), excitation 1064 nm (also possible at other near-IR wavelengths).


Training placements of varying lengths can be arranged on the platform (~6 months required for full autonomy).


– Resonance Raman and FLN spectra for excitations in the visible, near-UV and near-IR

– Analysis et interpretation

Measurements on the platform for outside laboratories have resulted in > 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the last 5 years.

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