Proteomics - Gif (SICaPS)


All the equipments are accessible after training by the facility engineers.

Spectromètre de masse timsTOF Pro

Spectromètre de masse nanoESI-Triple TOF 4600 

Spectromètre de masse LTQ-Orbitrap Velos

 Spectromètre de masse MALDI-TOF/TOF 5800

Système de chomatographie liquide Ultimate 3000 RS UHPLC

 (Thermo Fisher)


The fee schedule proposed by Proteomics-Gif has been established according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Finance and registered in the official journal. Therefore, the expenses are justifiable in the ANR contracts (not European).

Please contact us to obtain

  • Our fees for standard protein digestion, sample desalting, MALDI analysis, nanoLC-MSMS and ESI-MS analysis
  • A quote for standard analysis or your specific project


Trainings are proposed on request on either sample preparation, mass spectrometry or data analysis.
Additionnally, a training on sample preparation is organized each year in May.
Please contact us for more information


The platform offers standard or collaborative services.

Standard services

  • Sample preparation before MS analysis: Enzymatic digestion, desalting
  • Exact mass measurement of proteins in solution by MALDI-MS or ESI-MS
  • Identification of purified proteins by MALDI TOF/TOF-
  • Identification of proteins by nanoLC-MS/MS

Collaborative services (contact us)

  • Label-free quantification of proteins
    – e.g.: Comparison of proteomes, interactomes
  • Search for modifications on purified or mixed proteins
    – Post-translational modifications (phosphorylations, acetylations, lipids, …)
    – Chemical modifications
    – N-terminal modifications of proteins
  • Analysis of structural determinants of proteins or protein complexes
    – Identification of N- and C-terminal ends of products of proteolysis
    – Identification of covalent bridges

We invite you to contact us to discuss the feasibility of the analysis, the recommended strategy and the conditions of sample preparation (Conditions of use) before bringing or preparing the samples.

Conditions of Use

Any sample deposit should

  • follows an initial contact to define the conditions of sample preparation and establish a quote
  • is accompanied by the duly completed user form. Link User form
  • means acceptance of the Charter for the use of the platform Link Charter

Valuation of results

  • If the results produced by the platform are not essential to the valorization (article or communication), the technical contribution of the platform must be recognized and clearly mentioned in the acknowledgements as follows: “This work has benefited from the facilities and expertise of the Proteomic-Gif (SICaPS) platform of I2BC (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), CEA, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, 91198, Gif-sur-Yvette cedex, France)”.
    A copy of the communication/publication should be sent (PDF) to the platform.
  • If the results produced by the platform are essential to the valorization, the applicant of the analyses commits himself to have the persons of the platform having carried out the analyses co-sign.
    Intellectual property will be protected in accordance with the general rules in force at the CNRS.

Precautions for the preparation of protein samples

1- Precautions to be taken from the very beginning of the preparation of proteins to be identified after digestion

  • By the experimenter:
    – Do not wear wool sweaters
    – Do not wear woolen sweaters: tie up hair and wear a cap
    – Wear a clean, long-sleeved, forearm-covering gown
    – Do not bend over the samples
    – Wear gloves, talc-free, washed and always clean
  • For the equipment:
    – Clean the bench on which the samples are prepared to remove all traces of dust
    – Rinse all equipment that will be in contact with the samples with hot soapy water (using a lint-free paper cloth): forceps, electrophoresis equipment, transparency on the scanner glass, transparency under the gel for cutting the samples.
    – During the staining/decoloring steps of the electrophoresis gels, use clean boxes. In particular, these plates must not have been used in Western-blot experiments (in order to avoid contamination by proteins generally used to saturate membranes: milk caseins, albumin…).
    – Use freshly prepared solutions/buffers to avoid protein contamination due to bacterial or mould growth.

2- Contaminants to avoid


We would like to thank all the financial support and partners who have enabled us to

The acquisition of the equipment currently available on the platform:
IBiSA (2009, 2018), CNRS (2010, 2018), Région Ile de France (interDIM, Domaines d’Intérêts Majeurs, 2012) and DIM (2018), FRM (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, 2012), Plan Cancer (2018), Université Paris-Sud (ERM, 2018)
Putting on the Logos

The creation of the platform:
ASTRE (Action de Soutien à la Technologie et à la Recherche en Essonne), BQR (Bonus Qualité Recherche) from Université Paris-Sud in 2006, CNRS, ANR, ARC in 2007).
Putting the Logos

They allow the platform to contribute to the progress of research projects of many research teams.


Contact us

To submit a request to the Proteomique-Gif platform, contact the platform team, briefly describing your project:

Virginie Redeker ( (Scientific Manager)

David Cornu ( (Technical Manager)

Laila Sago ( (Platform Engineer)

Find us

The platform is located

Bureau 280

Bâtiment 21, 2ème étage
Avenue de la Terrasse
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

01 69 82 46 63

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