Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Multiple Site-Specific Phosphorylation of IDPs Monitored by NMR.

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Proper chromosome alignment depends on BRCA2 phosphorylation by PLK1.

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Sensitivity-Enhanced 13 C-NMR Spectroscopy for Monitoring Multisite Phosphorylation at Physiological Temperature and pH.

Alik A, Bouguechtouli C, Julien M, Bermel W, Ghouil R, Zinn-Justin S, Theillet FX. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2020 Jun 22;59(26):10411-10415. 


Design on a Rational Basis of High-Affinity Peptides Inhibiting the Histone Chaperone ASF1.

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Recognition of ASF1 by Using Hydrocarbon-Constrained Peptides.

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Structural analysis of the ternary complex between lamin A/C, BAF and emerin identifies an interface disrupted in autosomal recessive progeroid diseases.

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