Genome Biology Department


Publications in 2021
L, Moniot-Perron, Moindrot B, Manceau L, Edouard J, Jaszczyszyn Y, Gilardi-Hebenstreit P, Hernandez C, Bloyer S, and Noordermeer D. 2023. “The Drosophila Fab-7 Boundary Modulates Abd-B Gene Activity by Guiding an Inversion of Collinear Chromatin Organization and Alternate Promoter Use.” Cell Reports 42 (1).
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Pronier, Elodie, Aygun Imanci, Dorothée Selimoglu-Buet, Bouchra Badaoui, Raphael Itzykson, Thierry Roger, Chloé Jego, et al. 2022. “Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Is Overproduced through EGR1 in TET2low Resting Monocytes.” Communications Biology 5 (1): 110.
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“Gel-like Inclusions of C-Terminal Fragments of TDP-43 Sequester Stalled Proteasomes in Neurons.” 2022. EMBO Reports n/a (n/a): e53890.
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