Function and architecture
of macromolecular assemblies


The FAAM team is studying the mechanisms involved in biological processes at the molecular level using structural and biochemical techniques. We apply X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM to analyse the atomic structure of target proteins and complexes and also use SAXS to study the conformation of these complexes in solution. The team is focusing on the assembly of protein complexes involved in a variety of cellular processes. The team’s main research projects concern genome replication and the cell-cell communication in bacteria, maturation of tRNAs and avirulence proteins produced by pathogenic fungi. In addition, our expertise in cloning, protein expression, purification and determination of 3D structures is exploited to carry out a considerable number of collaborative projects.

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PhD student


  • Sylvie Nessler
  • Bruno Collinet
  • Dominique Liger
  • Karine Blondeau
  • Herman Van Tilbeurgh

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L1 Organisation moléculaire du vivant (SorbonneUniversité


L1 PASS disciplinaire biologie (SorbonneUniversité


L3 Biochimie : enzymologie approfondie (SorbonneUniversité


M1 Structure, assemblage et ingénierie des protéines (SorbonneUniversité


M2 Biochimie et génétique de l’ARN (SorbonneUniversité


L3 parcours Interface Biologie-Chimie (iBC) :


L3 parcours Biologie des Organismes et Écologie (BOE) :


Master Biologie santé :


M1 Life Sciences and Health - International Track :


M1 Biologie-Santé - Plateforme Biochimie et biotechnologies :


M2 Ingénierie et Chimie des Biomolécules :

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External fundings

ANR-15-CE12-0003-01 (sRNA-Fit, 2017-2021)
ANR-19-CE12-0006-01 (RRARE, 2019-2023)].

AMR 2021

Project title
Narrow spectrum antibiotics to fight the emergence of bacterial resistance

Scientific coordinator : ARTHUR, Michel, DR1 INSERM, Université de Paris

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