Strategic axes confront the future

Bio-inspired engineering for energy,

health and the environment

Axe 4

Bio-inspired engineering for energy, health and the environment

Biomimetic and synthetic biology approaches require a detailed understanding of macromolecular machineries and cellular metabolism. Thus, the characterization and understanding of photosynthetic conversion and storage of light energy is essential for bio-inspired engineering of photo-catalysts (water oxidation, proton reduction, C02 capture). The elucidation of specialized metabolites biosynthetic pathways provides tools and bricks for the development of innovative biological systems implementing original synthetic pathways for the production of highly valuable molecules. Such engineered systems (artificial proteins, scaffold bacteria) are of great interest for applications in the fields of energy, health and environment.

Strategic Axis coordinators: 


  1. Engineering novel enzymes and modules for supramolecular assemblies
  2. Characterizing in detail photosynthesis and its regulation and develop artificial photocatalysts dedicated to the use of solar energy
  3. Understanding specialized metabolites biosynthetic pathways and creating novel molecules of therapeutic or energetic interest by synthetic biology.
  4. Reprogramming organisms for the production of molecules of interest, for optimization of CO2 capture and atmospheric nitrogen and for remediation
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